"TA Luft"

“TA Luft” and
heavy fuel

“Never mind!” or as two of the greatest mathematicians of the antiquity, Euclid and Archimedes, would say it: “Quod erat demonstrandum”*, when we talk about the following statement: “TA Luft” and heavy fuel work together problem-free. 

But let us start from the beginning:

The Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control, short form “TA Luft”, is an administrative regulation of the Federal Emission Control Act (BImSchG). The act’s intended audiences are the authorities involved in the construction and reconstruction of industrial and commercial installation requiring official authorization.

The real aim of the regulation is protection from air pollution – instantly or preventatively. Thereby should be clear that combustion plants operating with heating oil are affected by “TA Luft” as well.

This does in first place concern the observance of the limit of 850mg/m³ sulphur dioxide in exhaust fumes. And we do have the necessary product for it: Low sulphur fuel oil.

Low sulphur fuel oil quality will make the installation of complex electrostatic precipitator technology redundant.

The only necessity is to have batchers for an additive for approved burn-offto meet the limits for carbon monoxide and dust emission as well as batchers for a reducing additive to minimize the nitrogen oxide emission to the statutory requirements.

*) Quoderat demonstrandum = which was to be proved