Security of supply

Never before has
there been so much oil

Whoever has to make the decision for oil as their energy source will face the question of security supply – just as for any other energy source. The most common answer is probably: It couldn’t be any better.

Fact 1: Despite the permanently increasing consumption, the oil reserves have been enlarged during the past 30 years. By about 80%, says BP.

Fact 2: The world gets flooded by the amount of crude oil – a sustained status, declares the majority of experts.

Not a day is passing by without media telling us numerous reasons for this forecast: 

The USA, not long ago an oil importer itself, is now an entirely self-provider and no longer client of the OPEC, especially of Saudi Arabia. Fracking makes it possible.

Dumping prices and surplus oil production are the answer of Saudi Arabia, which is conducting the OPEC, to this not short termed fracking wave.

With the same policy as just mentioned, the Saudi Arabians try to complicate the re-start of Iran into the oil business, which is unstoppable. Just before the western countries, leaded by the USA, started their embargo against the Middle Eastern State, Iran was pumping up to 4 ½ million barrels daily out of their ground. After the rejection of nuclear weapons and the end of the embargo this quote will be achieved again very quick and later on will be increased.

Unluckily – or luckily? – the “economy bladder” in china is bursting now as well. The oil requirement of the giant realm collapses. The giant is stumbling was the comment of the German newspaper “Handelsblatt”.

All that could be underpinned by figures. But they would, even if correct, more likely be abstract. Important is the trend.

Let us go on with Germany and heavy fuel. Here we have a very comfortable situation as well. Because:

A classical advantage is the long shelf life of mineral oils.

The structure of import and international distribution of heavy fuel from pipelines, seagoing or inland waterway vessels as well as boiler passes is very complex in our country.

Relating to numbers of the “Unabhängiger Tanklagerverband” (independent tank farm association) there are about 70 warehouses available for storage with a capacity of around 11 million cubic meters of tank volume.

Conclusion: The occurrence of a shortage of supply is highly unlikely.