There is still a lot to do

NAPE is the initial for National Action Plan Energy efficiency. And there is actually a plan developed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). Originally covering three fields of work it is now extended to four.

Field 1: Moving energy efficiency forward in the building sector.

Field 2: Establishing energy efficiency as a profit and business model.

Field 3: Intensifying the personal responsibility for energy efficiency.

Field 4: Increasing the contribution of traffic to climate protection.

You see: There is still a lot to do.

To clarify what the work in these four different fields is going to look like according to the BMWi, we’ll give you a quick survey.

Buildings: expansion of local energy consulting / tax encouragement towards energetic restoration / increase of the CO2 Building Rehabilitation Program / further development of the “Heizungscheck”.
Politics sets itself the goal to “achieve a nearly climate-neutral building stock until 2050”.

Profit and business model: better utilization of waste heat / support of contracting through deficiency guarantee / start of the pilot program “Einsparzähler” / further development of the KfW* energy efficiency program.
Our government is tending this field under the slogan “Good for climate, good for business”. They demonstrate that especially for small and medium-sized businesses the profit will be by around 20 to 25 percent if they invest into energy efficiency.

Personal Responsibility: founding of networks for energy efficiency / information about energy efficient products / introduction of energy audits for large companies / marking of heating systems with efficiency labels / optimization of energy efficiency in agriculture and horticulture.
Politics criticizes that “many households and companies either don’t know or barely know their energy consumption”. That’s why they want to expand their consulting offering.

Traffic: reversing of the freight traffic from the street to railways or waterways / additional capital allowance of commercial electric cars / increase of electric cars in the vehicle fleet of federal and regional authorities.
Important background information is that the overall energy consumption of traffic (“from moped to passenger plane”) is around 25% and around 17% when it comes to greenhouse gases.

*) KfW= world’slargestdevelopmentbank