§ Basis environment

It’s about
environmental protection

The application of marine fuel is regulated nationally and internationally –always focusing on the goal of not affecting the environment or to keep the affection as low as possible.

Recent measures: Since January 1st, 2015,the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a sub-organization of the United Nations, commits the signatory countries of the convention MARPOL* to

globally only use marine fuel with a maximum
sulphur content of 3,5m.-%


drive with marine fuel of 0,1m.-% sulphur content
in Emission Control Areas.

The MARPOL convention is being realized with policy 2012/33/EU at European level and in Germany with the sea-environment-behavior-regulation.

*) A convention is a regulation that has to be met by a group of signatories due to a joint resolution.
    MARPOL is the short form for marine pollution.