Gas + oil:
“Better safe than sorry“

Nowadays process heat is produced by the majority of industrial companies working with natural gas. This may be owed to the price advantage of gas. Meanwhile the mentioned price advantage disappeared – an economic reason to start thinking about the right energy source.

We really don’t want to claim that gas is the wrong energy in principal or that oil is the only way to produce process heat. But there is a third, in a way, unbeatable solution: gas + oil.

Gas + oil is working! You can convert the steam generator in a way that it will burn both. Not at the same time, of course.

Dual solution means double advantage.

Firstly, you can always switch to the cheaper energy depending on the current price development. This lowers costs.

Secondly, because of the bivalence you are always on the safe side in terms of production techniques, in case the gas supply should be sputtering.

Notice: Gas is a grid-bounded energy. More than a third of Germanys’ natural gas is imported from Russia. Through pipelines adjustable by various states. And if just one state adjusts its valve the whole route will be dead. R-I-S-K !