§ Sea environmental behavior regulation

What you have to do
and what you are allowed to do

What you have to do & what you are allowed to do Sea environmental behavior regulation – a term as long as a sea snake. But it is also just a short form of the real title. If we would strive for entire correctness the theme we are talking about is called “regulation of the environmentally aware behavior in shipping”.* To clarify:

The sea environmental behavior regulation regulates the compliance of the convention MARPOL Annex VI and of the EU directive 2012/33/EU in Germany.


It is the skippers responsibility to make sure that the fuel, the ship is running on, is permitted for Emission Control Areas when he enters them.

The skipper is in charge of the accuracy of the bunker delivery notes.

The skipper has to ensure that the amount of low sulphur fuel is high enough to cross an Emission Control Area.

For monitoring purposes the water police is allowed to take samples.

The supplier of the marine fuel is bound to take samples during the bunkering, as well as to hand over a bunkering delivery note and a sample to the skipper.

The supplier has to keep a copy of the delivery note for three years.


We have already mentioned a fuel alternative in the emission reducing procedure in chapter “§ EU directive: effective, appropriate, deterrent”. Thereto one more address:

Decisions of “vessel-related technical measures” are made by the German trade association for transport and traffic. The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency is in charge of other measures, especially organizational ones.